30 minute Docuseries | Spanish / English Latin Original | Featuring Natalia Salazar

BEYOND THE RESCUE is a premium docuseries capturing the world of dogs and animals who struggle to survive in the complex landscape of a beautiful Costa Rican coastal town and the incredible lengths that fearless rescuer, Natalia Salazar, will go to save those in distress.

As a local, Natalia is able to effect change and make a big difference in educating people and rescuing animals. Fueling her passion is the fact that most dogs are not spayed or neutered. Natalia has become greatly needed in her community in dealing with the health and safety of dogs due to overpopulation. Her remarkable commitment and determination drives her ability to take on every aspect of the rescue, from risky captures, to medical treatments, to providing shelter and rehoming. Pack leader to 10 of her own rescues, Natalia often has to rehab animals in her own home.  

Each rescue has its unique challenges. We follow Natalia and these compelling stories where a hopeless situation can turn into an unexpected triumph that will touch your heart. Difficult and split-second decisions that threaten the life or safety of an animal, even sometimes our ambitious hero, will leave you hoping for the best, never knowing what’s going to happen next. 

Natalia answered the call to become a protector and rescuer of vulnerable animals after her own rescue, Coco rescued her. This is Natalia’s remarkable story.